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ISE Daily

4K Active Optical Cables from Opticis

Performance and user-friendly design are promised by Opticis with its new 4K supportable Active Optical Cables: DPFC-200D, HDFC-200D and HDFC-200. All these new Active Optical Cables transmit 4K,...

ISE Daily

3D AR based on CAD

Being demonstrated at ISE 2017, the CadAltro software platform is an interactive tool that provides configurable 3D views and augmented reality (AR), based on...

ISE Daily

Compact VR mini-PC

The new spo-book KUMO IV, containing an NVIDIA GTX1060 graphics card in a robust metal housing, has launched at ISE 2017. Visitors can experience...

ISE Daily

Making meeting rooms simple

Meeting room technology has failed to fulfil its promises of easy connectivity and intuitive design, due the fact that people still struggle to make...

ISE Daily

Tiny recorder goes mobile

A new micro digital recorder, the PDR (Personal Digital Recorder) has been introduced for professional use. Lectrosonics says the PDR could be used in...

ISE Daily

Sound embedded into touch glass

New interactive glass manufacturer Seloy Live is showcasing innovative new touch window technology with embedded sound on its stand. The company is demonstrating a...

ISE Daily

WIN networking event

A hearty round of speed networking kicked off the Women of InfoComm Network (WIN) event last night as a prelude to the launch of...

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