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ISE 2017: Signagelive launches new content marketplace

Signagelive introduced a new Content Marketplace at ISE 2017, which contains over 500 pre-built pieces of digital signage content, including layout backgrounds, pre-built applications and widgets.

Signagelive also revealed a suite of developer APIs for network and content management, bespoke player development and real-time content triggering as well as a new User Interface (UI) accessible via tablets and containing a wealth of new features.

The new suite of developer APIs and associated software development tools aims to allow customers and partners to incorporate greater functionality into their digital signage networks while facilitating the development of new, purpose-built applications to meet the needs of specific real world scenarios such as quick serve restaurants (QSR), corporate communications or retail.

Signagelive supports the latest near field communications (NFC), beacons and mobile technologies, which enables real-time triggering of pre-cached content on a range of conventional and smart signage displays. This facilitates the development of interactive applications, including ‘lift and learn’, assisted point of sale, emergency messaging or dynamically changing content based on location based services (LBS).

Using Signagelive’s Widget Development Framework, both technology partners and system developers can compile web-driven application compatible for a range of displays, regardless of vendor, and eliminate latency issues commonly associated with HTML5 applications delivered over the Internet.