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Compact VR mini-PC

The new spo-book KUMO IV, containing an NVIDIA GTX1060 graphics card in a robust metal housing, has launched at ISE 2017. Visitors can experience the performance of this mini-PC through a live virtual reality experience on the spo-comm stand involving a flight around a digitised version of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

With an Intel Core i5 Quad-Core CPU (Skylake), KUMO IV offers up to 32gb DDR IV memory and not only supports demanding digital signage applications, but can be used to support virtual reality applications. Using two HDMI and two DisplayPort connectors, the spo-book KUMO IV can display 4K at 60Hz content simultaneously on four screens.

“Its main differentiator is its small size, making it ideal for virtual reality applications in the retail space for example,” explained Bern Moosmüller, CMO of spo-comm. “Normally, you need a bigger box, but the small form-factor KUMO IV can be easily installed in a shop for example.

The first projects we are involved in, as a hardware partner working with software vendors, centre around tailored product sales, enabling people to visualise a new bathroom or their new car.”

Also on show at the spo-comm stand are passive cooled systems, rugged and vehicle solutions as well as compact digital signage players.

Stand: 8-N335