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ISE 2017: Toshiba introduces three display ranges

Toshiba Europe unveiled the TD-E3 and TD-P3 Series of business displays at ISE last week, as well as the TD-H3 Series of hospitality displays.

Designed to deliver bright signage to businesses across multiple sectors, the TD-E3 Series is available from 32in up to 65in and provides 16/7 operation in corporate, education, retail, and travel. It can also be aligned in either landscape or portrait mode and most of the models are full HD, with the 65in unit UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution.

Alongside the TD-E3 line is the TD-P3 Series, which offers 24/7 functionality for applications that require non-stop signage. Available in four sizes including 43in, 49in, 55in and 75in, the TD-P3 Series combines full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, and UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution in the case of the 75in model.

Both ranges offer simple management systems, with each including an extensive range of input and output connectivity options. Tiling and daisy-chaining capabilities mean that numerous screens can be linked together in different ways to provide innovative and engaging multiscreen arrangements.

In addition, wireless content sharing technology ensures content can be managed easily and remotely, so displays can be installed and operated in any public or workplace environment without requiring direct access.

Also launched at the show was the TD-H3 Series for the hospitality sector, which is available in a variety of sizes, including 24in, 32in, 43in and 49in. The TD-H3 models blend advanced functionality with straightforward set-up and management, which can suit a wide range of requirements. Models are available with either full HD 1080p resolution (43in and 49in), or HD Ready 720p resolution (24in and 32in).

From the point of installation, the TD-H3 Series provides hospitality companies with a simple experience, enabling staff without specific technical expertise to set-up and manage the units. This includes USB cloning capabilities, which means the set-up of a single model can be easily transferred across multiple units. Similarly, LAN control allows every function of each display – either on single or multiple units – to be operated remotely and centrally with ease across multiple rooms or buildings.

Suited to use in central locations within a building, such as hotel lobbies or bars, the TD-H3 series also features tiling functionality, enabling multiple displays to be connected together to create one larger picture. Designed to work with a range of connections and inputs, including an embedded USB player, the line also supports a variety of content playback, which can be easily customised and controlled by a central administrator.

The TD-H3 Series is already available with the TD-E3 and TD-P3 Series to follow in Spring 2017.