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Making meeting rooms simple

Meeting room technology has failed to fulfil its promises of easy connectivity and intuitive design, due the fact that people still struggle to make systems work quickly, according to Ashton Bentley.

Here at ISE 2017, the company is launching its new range of out-of-the-box integrated audiovisual room systems with Wave OS, designed to make meeting room communications simple.

Tony Leedham, business development director, Ashton Bentley, told the ISE Daily: “This has to be simple. The technology in your meeting room mustn’t take control of your meeting. You must be in control, not the technology, but the problem is, that’s happening.”

Ashton Bentley is bringing the way people communicate today via smartphones, tablets and apps such as FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp, into the meeting room.

The company is attempting to make meeting room tech simple with its ab Smart Displays with built-in Wave OS, alongside SeeMe, which allows for simple connectivity between a device and the main screen.

In addition, companies can continue to use their legacy hardware codecs inside Ashton Bentley’s solution, to make the most of their investments.

Leedham continued: “Communication technology is changing from the hardware domain to the software domain. Apps are what everyone is working with. Yet the new world isn’t cutting out the old world; we aren’t saying you have to throw all the old tech away, but when you renew, you can change easily.”

Ashton Bentley’s Wave OS provides a soft codec-agnostic app platform, allowing users to use their preferred communication platform from an ever-growing list of apps, including Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Cisco’s Spark, Pipex, and WebEx.
Stand: 14-M200