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Sensor is proximity-activated

On show on the CONTROLtronic stand at ISE 2017 is the company’s new KNX Glass Touch Sensor, which is designed for private homes, office buildings and hotel and hospital applications. Made of real glass with precisely ground edges, it features a sensor that detects proximity and activates the user interface. Depending on the configuration, up to seven touch icons light up (dimmable and coloured according to choice).

Said to be easy to understand and with user-exchangeable icons (for which the company says it has a patent pending) it is designed to allow intuitive operation and maximum flexibility.

The fixing is, from the outside, said to be invisibly integrated into the flat flush-mounting box using a magnetic solution (for which a patent is also pending). Extensive configuration can, says CONTROLtronic, be simply carried out without a plug-in due to a user-friendly structured product database (conforming to the ETS Standard).

The whole sensor is entirely powered via KNX connection.

Stand: 9-F170