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Sound embedded into touch glass

New interactive glass manufacturer Seloy Live is showcasing innovative new touch window technology with embedded sound on its stand. The company is demonstrating a 90in interactive touch window called Sense, which is available as double- or triple- glazed glass, with the technology to create the touch capacity as well as sound embedded within the layers.

While traditional touch window technology is confined to the use of a single sheet of glass with touch foil behind the glass, Seloy Live has patented the design that sandwiches the touch technology between the sheets of glass.

Seloy Live, a spin off created in March 2016 by Finnish parent company and glass specialist Seloy, is using sound technology from Feonic.

This embedded sound enables the combination of a transparent insulating glass unit and interactive touch surface to be used as part of a retail environment’s façade – possible because of the double or triple glazing – and for sound to be easily heard on the street.

Henri Kiuru, chairman of Seloy Live, commented: “Shops in the street have a problem; people don’t come in. But with our product, and using Feonic’s sound technology, people can interact with the window from the street. We drive sales and that’s the value we give. People can buy, using our product, 24/7.”

Kiuru continued: “All buildings use glass but until now there’s been nothing extra you can do with it apart from using it as part of the structure. For externally facing glass, you need double or triple glazing, and ours is the only product that does that. This is a proper window.

Because we’re from a glass background, we can custom-make windows to any size you need, even using your old window frames.”

In addition, Seloy Live is showcasing a 43in Shine customised mirror solution for augmenting existing professional displays.
Stand: 14-M270