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AV-over-IP solutions flex their muscles

A versatile line-up of H.264 encoding and decoding appliances is on display at the Matrox stand.

Integrated with a Crestron controller at ISE, the Matrox Monarch LCS lecture capture appliance generates H.264-encoded video streams with powerful scaling, deinterlacing and noise-reduction engines, sending only pristine images to the internal encoders for simultaneous streaming and recording. Matrox claims the ability of the Monarch LCS to encode in Dual Mode is unique. It offers the power to dynamically switch between picture-in-picture, side-by-side, or full screen, directly to the viewer.

Matrox says its Monarch HDX is a compact, easy-to-use, dual-channel H.264 encoding appliance, designed for complete workflow flexibility.

The Monarch HDX features 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs with frame synchronisation to compensate for unstable sources. Two independent H.264 encoders provide redundancy or can be set to stream and/or record at individual settings.

Monarch HD is a streaming and recording appliance designed for professional video producers. From an HDMI input source such as a camera or switcher, Monarch HD generates an H.264-encoded stream compliant with RTSP or RTMP protocols while simultaneously recording a high-quality MP4 or MOV file to an SD card, a USB drive, or a network-mapped drive.

Matrox is also highlighting the recording capabilities of the Matrox VS4Recorder Pro software, powered by the Matrox VS4 quad HD-SDI capture card. Both the multi-camera and independent modes of operation are being demonstrated, as well as the interactive nature of the VS4Recorder Pro API, starting and stopping recording with a Crestron controller.
Stand: 12-E38