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3D AR based on CAD

Being demonstrated at ISE 2017, the CadAltro software platform is an interactive tool that provides configurable 3D views and augmented reality (AR), based on original CAD data.

At ISE for the first time, the Belgian start-up is bringing CAD to mobile by interacting with the customer’s back end systems. It integrates with all relevant, multi-format product data sources, particularly CAD/CAM systems. CadAltro uses the customer’s CAD models instead of pre-rendered pictures, for high detail and strong configurability from any angle.

It includes tools to reduce administration and make meetings more engaging, including: virtual tour; storyboard; playbook; live annotations; and access to all related product materials.

Using original CAD files, CadAltro transforms them automatically into 3D views, making all marketing materials available in the tool at the touch of a finger, tracking every move and saving it for further use, and synchronising afterwards with the customer’s ERP, CRM, or ticketing system.

Stand: 13-D71