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Table-integrated conference systems

DynamicX2 UnderCover is a range of retractable monitors from Arthur Holm, designed to cover conference systems and connectors and engineered to be integrated into meeting and conference room furniture.

When activated, an aluminium Full HD, touch screen monitor, appears together with a microphone, push-to-talk and mute buttons, speaker, power socket and connectors such as RJ-45, USB, HDMI and USB.

The patented cover of the solution slides downwards (into the table) and has been designed to be veneered, providing a uniform finish with the furniture. The safety system stops the movement if any resistance is detected.

The monitor’s movements are remotely controllable so the product is not visible when not in use. Built from a solid aluminium block, it has a vertical, motorised movement with an automatic 20° tilt to ensure optimum ergonomics, visibility and viewing angle.

The range is available with a matt screen, a black-edged anti-reflective glass, or with a golden flash finish.

Available from 15in to 22in, the DynamicX2 UnderCover can be customised with single or double retractable microphones, speakers, voting systems, USB connectors and camera. The black edged glass can be optionally turned into a multi-touch screen and the anodised aluminium housing can be customised in different colours.

Stand: 11-F135, 2-A42