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Education tech provider opens up AV market

Showcasing a new line of educational displays and software to make connected learning experiences a reality is Smart Technologies. Two of the new panel series, the 7000 and 6000, feature proprietary collaboration technology called iQ that provides integration of personal devices, software and content, all within the interactive displays.

Opening up a new market for Smart, the Smart Board 2000 series is an everyday 75in display designed to encourage better collaboration in the classroom. It is the first non-touch display integrated with wireless screen sharing from Smart.

It enables built-in screen sharing for students and teachers to present lesson content from their laptops, tablets or any other mobile device. Supporting iOS, Android
and Microsoft devices, the new Smart Board 2000 displays in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Commenting on the 2000 Series, Jeff Lowe, vice president for corporate marketing at Smart, stated: “This non-touch interactive display allows interactivity through personal devices, using screencasting. It allows us to
enter a new, far bigger market, four times the size of the interactive touch display market from a hardware perspective.”

Meanwhile the Smart Board 7000 series is the company’s most advanced interactive display that offers superior teaching and learning experiences. Its exclusive iQ technology enables the display to act as the central hub of classrooms, unifying students, teachers, classroom displays, software, content and personal devices into one cohesive education-focused experience.

It also features HyPr Touch (Hybrid Precision Touch) to deliver superior writing performance and touch accuracy, as well as the ability to recognise commands from an array of different interactive tools.

Also, the Smart Board 6000 series now includes iQ technology as a standard feature to provide simple one-touch access to teaching materials, software and applications. It is a comprehensive ecosystem in one, comprising of an education-relevant display that includes the complete

Smart package of software, content and simplicity.
Stand: 13-C110