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Architettura Sonora presents three concrete sound options

With a special focus on three new speaker models all made from concrete, Architettura Sonora aimed to give sound an industrial makeover at ISE 2017 last week. The new models presented were the Spherina in both a floor and suspended version, the Cubino and the Cube 2LV Sub.

The Spherina family, a spherical omnidirectional speaker collection, combines high end design with the rough and contemporary concrete used for the body and deflector.

The Spherina can be placed both floor-standing or hanging from the ceiling, providing a clear 360 degrees surround sound diffusion. It is available in four concrete finishes: Gray (raw and porous), Black (polished and waxed), White (smooth and silky) and Red (earthy and raw).

The Spherina_Air is an omidirectional directional loudspeaker characterised by a dual concentric 6in transducer, with coaxial mid-woofer and tweeter to create a virtual point source, linear and time coherent, providing a uniform omnidirectional coverage over the vertical axis. While Spherina_Floor is a loudspeaker characterized by a dual-concentric 6in transducer, where the mid-woofer and the tweeter share the same axis, to achieve a virtually punctiform source, linear and time coherent, which, combined with the deflection system, ensures an ideal omnidirectional emission.

The Cubino loudspeaker is characterised by its pure form and mass, a 30 x 30 x 30 cube including the deflector, compact in size and weight. Weighing 30kg, the Cubino satisfies the demand for a clean and discreet design without compromising in acoustic quality.

Finally, the Cube 2LV SUB is a powerful passive Subwoofer for those installations where the sound pressure is very high.