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Broadsign initiative delivers in-store marketing for retailers

Solution enables retailers to deploy, manage, and monetise in-store digital marketing

Broadsign has announced a joint effort with visual solutions company Gable, managed network services, cybersecurity, and DS solutions provider SageNet, and digital signage hardware developer Seneca to provide an end-to-end in-store digital marketing platform for multi-brand retailers.

The combination of Broadsign’s OOH marketing technology with Gable’s visual communications, SageNet’s digital signage expertise, and Seneca’s displays and media players, provides a comprehensive offering to help retailers improve the shopper experience and unlock new revenue from omnichannel advertisers eager to extend audience messaging to the point of purchase.

“Retailers often have untapped in-store space that’s prime for digital displays and access to customer data that can be used to make the shopping experience more dynamic,” said Karim Kanji, Broadsign’s sales director. “At the same time, in-store marketing networks have become increasingly attractive to brands looking to extend omnichannel messaging to the point of purchase. We’ve teamed with Gable, SageNet, and Seneca to deliver an in-store marketing platform that’s easy to deploy and manage. Retailers can use it to drive more innovative shopping experiences and new revenue, while brands can take advantage of in-store display inventory to reach their core audiences.”

IV Dickson, VP of digital experience for SageNet added: “Retail brands today are constantly looking for ways to create a seamless integration of digital during the purchase process in the aisle. Together, Broadsign, Seneca, and Gable create a sustainable and maintainable solution while allowing retailers and brands to focus on the outcome, not on the individual pieces or how to support the technology. Brands want and need to focus on their business objectives, and this ecosystem provides them with a deployment-ready arrow in their quiver, to create immediate value for the end customer.”

Retailers can harness the solution’s robust toolset to automate the delivery of tailored messaging across in-store displays, extend omnichannel messages into the store, and use customer loyalty and other data to inform contextual storytelling that influences consumer purchases. Localised content and stock-level triggering are supported, as well as personalisation on a per-screen basis to serve ads at the point of sale. Integrated programmatic advertising technology opens up new monetisation opportunities by making in-store display inventory easily accessible to brands and CPG companies via a broad range of supported global demand-side platforms (DSPs).

Tailored to each retailer’s specific needs, the custom solution, at its core, comprises:

  • The complete Broadsign OOH marketing platform – including the Broadsign Control CMS, Broadsign Direct sales tool, and Broadsign Reach supply-side-platform (SSP)
  • Design, fabrication, and project management provided by Gable Services
  • SageNet SageVIEW for design, deployment, connectivity, content management, 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and support
  • Seneca displays and media players with built-in Verizon 4G connectivity, Intel processors, and 4K graphics capabilities