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Powersoft publishes tailored version of RH Consulting’s Guide to Voice Alarm Systems

Powersoft has published a bespoke version of RH Consulting’s Guide to Voice Alarm Systems book, the second edition of which was recently published, joint authored by pro audio consultants Roland Hemming and Richard Northwood.

The tailored version, produced by RH Consulting for Powersoft in the form of an e-book, offers specific information about deploying Powersoft products for emergency applications.

The Guide to Voice Alarm Systems, which was reviewed for Installation by Neil Voce of Application Solutions, is a useful reference for anyone involved in the implementation of emergency audio systems. New to the Powersoft edition is a loudspeaker power calculator, embedded product sheets and videos, and an updated version of the worldwide Voice Alarm Standards finder.

“We’re so pleased to have worked with Powersoft on this and we have tailored the original book to reflect Powersoft’s solutions,” stated Hemming.

“We could not think of a better way to explain the use of our products in emergency audio systems,” confirmed Francesco Fanicchi, brand and communication director at Powersoft. “The Powersoft Guide to Voice Alarm Systems teaches our consultants, manufacturers, installers and venue owners all the essentials.”

Marc Kocks, Powersoft’s business development manager for the fixed install market in EMEA, added: “For anyone involved in the voice alarm business this is invaluable. Features such as the loudspeaker power calculator, the worldwide Voice Alarm standards finder and the various comparative tables on standards requirements are information that they would find difficult to get from any other source.”

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