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rh consulting


Levelling down

Controlling sound levels is not an easy task but modern technologies are making it a more manageable one. Which, as Paul Lydon reports, is...


AVB: open for business

As the pro AV industry becomes an increasingly network-centric one, attention inevitably turns to the standards that might underpin the networks of the future....


AES67 plug fest: RAVENNA – mixing it up

RH Consulting is testing different manufacturers’ AES67-compatible equipment to see how the interoperability standard works in practice, in a rolling plug fest for AES67. Here’s the...


AES67 plug fest – a trip to Munich

Here’s a second post from independent consultancy RH Consulting on its rolling plug fest for AES67 – testing different manufacturers’ AES67-compatible equipment.  After rushing into our plug...


Opinion: audio networking

Audio networking is an under-used resource just waiting for adoption says Richard Northwood. I was a very early adopter of audio networking, first using the...

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