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virtual reality


XR: new realities

As adoption of XR technologies grows across sectors, Steve Montgomery looks at how AV integrators can get involved


XR: to be, or not to be?

New technologies are emerging that combine, in varying degrees, the real world with the virtual world. Ian McMurray asks to what extent the AV...


VR/AR: new kinds of technology

VR, AR and mixed reality content demand a variety of content creation software and display equipment. Steve Montgomery reports on how these technologies are...


VR/AR: beyond the headset

Having previously looked at the shared experiences VR/AR/MR technologies can deliver and the markets with the most potential, Ian McMurray concludes by considering things...


VR/AR: driven by application

In the first part of our feature on VR/AR/MR technologies we looked at how, when applied to AV, it is about delivering shared experiences,...


VR/AR: virtually real

The lines between the real world and the virtual world are blurring rapidly, such that making a distinction between the two is becoming increasingly...


vr-on takes VR to a new Stage

Virtual reality and visualisation company vr-on’s mission to ‘connect professionals in VR’ has helped to conceive Stage – a collaborative VR platform. In numerous...


Opinion: virtual evolution

VR is developing in a number of areas, writes columnist Rob Lane. I’ve written about virtual reality a few times in this column over...


IBC2017 to focus on VR and AR

At this year’s IBC, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are to be featured throughout the show with opportunities, challenges and user experiences all...


VR/AR: future reality

In the first part of this feature we revealed some of the sectors benefiting from VR/AR, here Michael Burns looks to the future and the...


VR/AR: a new reality for AV

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality aren’t just for games players and theme park visitors. Michael Burns looks at where the business cases are –...


Opinion: VR, MR and AR innovators

Virtual reality and related technologies are poised for big things across all sectors of the B2B world, says Chris Mcintyre-Brown of Futuresource Consulting. In...

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