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The Park Playground expands to UK with new VR experience

Located in Leeds, the VR experience provider will launch its first UK location on 15 December

Immersive VR experiences provider, The Park Playground has today announced it will launch three brand-new state-of-the-art playgrounds across the UK. The first venue, which will open to the public in December, will be located in Leeds. The company which also designs and builds all of its own VR experiences already operates 11 successful owned and franchised venues globally that offer immersive experiences like no other.

Located close to the city centre, Leeds locals and visitors can now enjoy a location-based experience equipped with fully mobile hyper-realistic free-roam adventures. The first-of-its-kind VR headset no longer requires players to carry any other hardware, usually located in heavy backpacks. Powered by HTC VIVE Focus 3 VR goggles, players have an exciting host of immersive worlds to choose from and explore.

The Park Playground in Amsterdam

“We’re thrilled to be bringing The Park Playground’s immersive VR offerings to the UK, especially in a vibrant city like Leeds,” said Peter Vindevogel, CEO The Park Playground. “And this is just the beginning, as we plan to continue our expansion in the UK in 2023 to introduce more individuals to your unique and unforgettable VR experiences.”

The Leeds playground will offer an array of both co-operative and competitive experiences to choose from. Players can harness their inner space marine to find the Energy Crystal in Mission Planet X, fight zombies in The Hallow, or put their bravery to the test in the new spine-chilling haunted escape room, Don’t Scream. These immersive VR experiences are perfect for parties, team-building events, or even action-packed date nights and family gatherings.

As the demand for location-based experiences continues to grow, The Park Playground is focused on developing and implementing new and emerging technologies that vastly improve the overall guest experience. Its recent work with long-term partner, HTC VIVE, in the creation of wireless VR headsets for unrestricted game time was a first in the location-based entertainment world and has already been rolled out across all venues.

The Park Playground has an exciting slate of upcoming and innovative immersive experiences in the pipeline that will soon be made available in its new homes in the UK, and in all venues globally. The company will be hosting a launch event to celebrate the opening in Leeds this month and the venue will officially open to the public from Sunday 18th December.