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ST Engineering Antycip supplies simulation solution for Eurofighter

German analysis and test engineering company, IABG, chooses MAK Technologies’ VR-Link software to enhance its cutting-edge training systems

ST Engineering Antycip, a leading global provider of simulation and sister company to MAK Technologies, has announced that it has delivered a MAK ONE-based solution for an IABG project to enhance its mission de-brief training systems.

IABG is a Munich based consultancy company specialising in public security, communications, medical engineering, and aviation projects. The military section of the company forms the largest part of its service portfolio, with over 1,500 employees supporting Bundeswehr, NATO and the European Union with analysis, simulation, testing and consulting.

Image courtesy of IABG

The company’s training software, known as MiDAS (Mission Display and Analysis System), records data on real or simulated flight paths and subsequently feeds this information back to a control station for review and analysis. The ability to process simulation data – whether the flight is flown with real aircraft or in a simulated environment – makes MiDAS unique among other debriefing systems currently available.

IABG required a software solution that would enable MiDAS to connect to a High Level Architecture (HLA) simulation federation, to subscribe to simulation data for recording and analysis, and to replay that data for post-flight review. VR-Link from MAK Technologies was selected to provide this capability because of its ease of integration into MiDAS and its full support for the HLA standard, resulting in superior quality information for MiDAS post-flight review.

Markus Pley, responsible for system development and integration at IABG (and the inventor of MiDAS), had previously been an end-user for this type of technology during his 17-year military career. “I have been aware of this software for 12 years and have worked with the MAK ONE suite of products intensively for about three years now,” he explained. “Most of our customers use MAK ONE too, which increases compatibility while reducing our development risk. The MAK support is superior to the support of other vendors.”

ST Engineering Antycip, a division of ST Engineering and sister company to MAK Technologies, provided the support in evaluating and identifying the right MAK product for the bespoke training programme, whilst remaining within the budget allocation.

“It is a great pleasure to work with a company like IABG and such an accolade for MAK to be chosen in a project of this size and importance,” said Riccardo Rovelli, Antycip’s regional area manager for Italy and DACH region. “As provider of the technology of our sister company MAK Technologies, we are here to provide technical and commercial support to IABG to minimise any unexpected risks which can result in extra costs.”

Image courtesy of IABG

Peter Swan, director of international sales at MAK Technologies, added: “We are so pleased that IABG has selected our VR-Link toolkit to enable simulation interoperability in its  Mission Data Analysis System (MiDAS). VR-Link is the world’s leading simulation networking toolkit that provides an easy way to network simulators and other virtual reality applications using standard protocols.”

MiDAS is currently used in almost every Eurofighter Typhoon Simulator, indicating its ability to scale according to need/requirements. “We don’t see any difference, whether we connect MAK software to a single system or to a large simulation network – the scale of these missions vary from a single Eurofighter up to hundreds of entities of all domains from subsurface to space.” said Pley. “It simply works and that’s exactly what we need. The excellent support from Riccardo and his team at Antycip was a key factor for our decision to select the MAK products for our mission de-brief training programme.”