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Broadsign acquires Netherlands-based OutMoove

Deal intended to broaden OOH specialty agency access to OutMoove’s flexible, targeted pDOOH campaign tools globally

Broadsign, developer of a leading out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform, has announced that it has acquired Netherlands-based digital OOH (DOOH) ad tech provider OutMoove. The transaction, which includes OutMoove’s business and DOOH demand-side platform (DSP) technology, will enable OutMoove to focus on scaling its unique OOH specialist agency workflows and support globally, while giving Broadsign access to OutMoove’s expertise and specialist OOH clients.

OutMoove was one of the first DSPs built for DOOH to break into the market, and its deep knowledge and unique insight into specialist OOH workflows quickly made it the preferred choice among Europe’s top independent OOH agencies and holding companies, such as GroupM and Outsight (Billups BE), and others in the United States.

The company’s intuitive DOOH media planning and buying tools, extensive automation of workflows, unique data triggers, dynamic creative support, and other pioneering DSP features accelerated pDOOH adoption among its clients and partners. With OutMoove now a part of Broadsign, its team will be able to accelerate its mission to further automate OOH transactions and expand geographically.

“OutMoove was an early leader in the programmatic OOH space and has been a Broadsign collaborator and trusted partner for almost seven years,” said Burr Smith, president and CEO of Broadsign. “We are thrilled to welcome the entire team to Broadsign and look forward to working with OutMoove to further build a more open and automated OOH ecosystem for media owners and advertisers.”

Mendel Looije, co-founder and CEO of OutMoove, added: “Our partnership spans years of deep customer connections and strategy discussions, and this transaction with Broadsign will help us take OutMoove to the next level. We’re excited to combine our technology and talents to deliver on the promise of growth through automation for our industry.”

The terms of the transaction will not be disclosed.