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Videoconferencing solution helps payment company to cut costs

Saville Audio Visual designed and installed a three-screen conferencing system in the Berlin Room at TSYS's offices in Fulford, York.

Saville Audio Visual designed and installed a three-screen conferencing system in the Berlin Room at TSYS’s offices in Fulford, York. The market-leader for payment processing with 300-plus clients in 75 countries, TSYS provides support to customers worldwide from its international HQ in York.

As part of the upgrade of the company’s existing facility, Saville Audio Visual installed a high-definition Tandberg VC system and an AMX touch-screen controller, together with a bespoke media wall module. The set-up also includes full HD video display and the ability to stage PC presentations via an interactive Sympodium monitor mounted on the lectern.

In addition to complying with the company’s goal of moving away from an ISDN-based videoconference system, the IP-based Tandberg solution is said to have “significantly improved” communication between offices via the company’s WAN (wider Area Network).

The desire to reduce TSYS’s carbon footprint was also a major factor behind the development, as the company’s LAN team administrator, Graham Berry, commented: “One of our main drivers was to reduce our carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly. By reducing the need for constant travel between international offices, we can now conduct training presentations across the globe at the touch of a button.

“The business has given great feedback on this project and we have already seen major savings in costs and resources. Saville was very professional from end-to-end and even helped launch our new Conference Suite by providing training sessions to our users on our open day.”

Considering the overall shape of the videoconferencing market, Saville VC product manager David Willie told IE: “The recession has clearly affected business travel expenditure and videoconferencing is proving to be the solution to keep business moving. With the added recent problems of major international travel delays, more and more of our customers are now requesting high-definition VC in integrated meeting rooms and boardroom systems or refurbishments. It’s becoming almost as essential as a projector and a screen once were!”