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Lightware solution enhances Microsoft Teams Rooms

Taurus Switcher delivers advanced Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) functionality and room control capabilities

Lightware Visual Engineering, a manufacturer of connectivity solutions for the professional integrated systems market, has announced a new integration of its Taurus Switcher solutions with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows.

Developed for system integrators, IT professionals and corporate meeting room users, it delivers advanced Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) functionality and room control capabilities for Teams meeting spaces.

Powered by the Lightware Taurus UCX/TPX Series Universal Switchers, the solution augments the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience by allowing users to integrate their personal laptops with the room’s meeting system. This enables flexible content sharing together with access to lighting, projector and shade controls from a single control panel.

Unlike typical Teams setups that rely on a local PC or Codec, Lightware Taurus switchers extend connectivity options, allowing multiple source inputs and providing additional USB peripheral support. This means users can participate in meetings using their own devices. Taurus also offers other useful and practical enhancements, including integrated laptop charging and Ethernet connectivity.

In addition, by configuring the Lightware Companion App on a Microsoft Teams Rooms PC and integrating the Companion module within Lightware Advanced Room Control (LARA), additional functions can be introduced. Lightware Taurus Switchers have also been validated for use by a wide range of meeting room technology manufacturers, including Lenovo, Poly, Logitech, Yealink and Barco.

Compatible Lightware products include the Taurus UCX, which is an advanced universal switcher that offers a combination of USB-C and HDMI connectivity in a single device. In addition, the Taurus TPX is a signal management solution capable of extending USB-C and HDMI signals to as much as 100 metres and is relied on by professionals worldwide to enable true digital collaboration.

“This solution is ideal for corporate office spaces, education facilities, conference venues and any environment with dedicated Microsoft Teams Rooms capabilities,” said Gergely Vida, CEO, Lightware Visual Engineering. “It not only simplifies the technical aspects of running meetings but also enhances the overall user experience, allowing participants to focus on the agenda rather than the technology.”