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Samsung and VirnetX help study of paranormal phenomena at US ranch

Samsung Displays, together with collaboration and analysis tools from VirnetX and OmniTeq, power a command and control centre backed by military-grade security at Skinwalker Ranch, Utah

Samsung has partnered with VirnetX to outfit the Skinwalker Ranch investigation team’s command centre, in the US, with cutting-edge displays and collaboration tools. The team uses the technology to scientifically document and analyse unidentified aerial phenomena at the 512-acre ranch, where its work is also the subject of the History Channel’s hit show, “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.”

The Skinwalker Ranch investigation team worked closely with Samsung and VirnetX to create a unique, technology-enabled command centre dedicated to learning and researching paranormal phenomena. The team uses VirnetX’s military-grade videoconferencing solution, War Room, for encrypted communications between a private airport hangar in Utah Valley and the command centre to manage transportation to and from the ranch. The War Room software is optimised to work with Samsung Interactive Displays installed throughout the facility.

Samsung outfitted the centre with numerous displays to monitor real-time security and satellite footage across the ranch. The investigation team uses the Samsung Interactive Display with AI analytics platform AThENA by OmniTeq to handle all data analysis, research and collaboration. Each day, AThENA aggregates and processes millions of data points collected by the researchers.

The Samsung Interactive Displays help examine the data and review recorded video evidence directly on the screen. Built-in collaborative tools enable the researchers to annotate and share data, and screenshots, all from the same interface.

Skinwalker Ranch, in eastern Utah, has long been considered a hotbed of paranormal and extraterrestrial activity, including reports of unidentified flying objects, radio frequency and GPS interference, and unexplained lights and frequencies. In 2016, Brandon Fugal, chairman and co-owner of Colliers International, the commercial real estate company, acquired the ranch and set out to scientifically investigate the unexplained activities.

To support this research, Fugal wanted to provide his team with a secure infrastructure and the latest hardware and software to intelligently integrate and analyse all the images, videos and data captured throughout the expansive property.

“While the Skinwalker Ranch team is conducting unprecedented research, its world-class, highly secure facility offers a model blueprint for all command and control centres,” said David Phelps, head of the display division, Samsung Electronics America. “A well-designed command centre should empower its staff to ingest vast information in a clear, defined way for easy situational awareness and decision-making. Display technology can play a central role in facilitating team collaboration and understanding of what is happening during tactical operations in the field or with something outside of this world.”

In addition to Samsung Displays, the Skinwalker Ranch team uses Samsung tablets to collect data during investigations out on the ranch. All data captured on the tablets in the field is automatically and securely sent back to the main command centre for real-time collaboration and analysis.