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PPDS launches Philips hotel TV solution

Philips Cast Server is a dedicate hotel TV solution for secure casting and app streaming experiences for hoteliers and guests

PPDS has launched Philips Cast Server, a dedicate hotel TV solution for secure casting and app streaming experiences for hoteliers and guests. the Philips Cast Server works together with PPDS’ CMND, and hotel PMSs. This includes delivering opportunities to create tailored entertainment experiences for individual guests.

Teased at ISE 2024, and compatible with PPDS’s unique Chromecast-built-in Philips MediaSuite and recently launched Philips Hospitality TV 4500 Series, the Philips Cast Server has been developed using feedback from customers, hotel managers and guests. Small and lightweight, the single unit rack mounted device brings a new option for installations, integrating into a hotel’s existing IP network to deliver a secure and private connection.

There is full remote management access, allowing guests to access and cast their own content directly to their in-room TVs. Guests can pair their phone, or other mobile device, with the TV by scanning the QR code displayed on the TV screen. Like other Chromecast built-in Philips Professional TVs, Philips Cast Server content can be cast and viewed as soon as a guest enters the room, with TVs – even those in standby mode –  becoming active once the Chromecast symbol is tapped on their cast-enabled app.

Philips Cast Server also offers hoteliers access to a fully GDPR compliant system, delivering management statistics on the usage of cast applications, such as YouTube, with all personal data removed.

The Philips Cast Server has been built around the PPDS’ professional CMND platform, offering hoteliers a range of on-screen customisation opportunities, including tailored backgrounds (colours and images) to suit their company branding.

Jeroen Verhaeghe, gobal business development director for hospitality, PPDS, said: “Expectations from hotel guests continue to evolve and, in an online world, satisfaction scores and reviews can play a vital role in the success of any hotel and whether rooms are full, or remain vacant. The in-room TV is playing an increasingly important role in achieving those all-important positive guest experiences and reviews. Every hotel set up is different, and having the options for networking integrations enables more hotels and their guests to enjoy the benefits of our hospitality TVs. That is why we created the Philips Cast Server.”

Jan Van Hecke, global product manager for professional TV, PPDS, added: “As people continue to switch to sourcing their TV content from popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime, it is vital hotels embrace that challenge and match those needs. But in doing so, the experience has to be seamless.”

He added: “Philips Cast Server is so simple, anyone can use it. Open the camera, scan the QR code on your phone or tablet, and the pairing between TV and smart device is complete. Backed by the other features, including customisation of screens, and advanced casting analytics, Philips Cast Server is another game changer for the hotel industry.”