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Symetrix DSPs upgrade conferencing capability of Taiwan research institute

The Taiwan-based Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has opted to overhaul its conference and videoconferencing applications in its Room 604 conference and presentation facility.

Locally-based Seapower Technology was enlisted with the brief emphasising ease of use and avoiding feedback between speakers and microphones in the compact 40-seat room.

“We decided not to select a traditional conference microphone system and opted to use boundary microphones instead,” said Seapower’s Hsiao Chia-Hsing, who worked on the project alongside installer Sunway Ltd. “For the routing and processing, we had to have the ability to mix each mic input independently and adjust the volume going to any independent speaker. Audio for the occasions on which videoconferencing is used also needed to be as simple as possible.

“We needed a lot of inputs and output channels for this installation, and with SymNet Radius 12×8 we have 12 mic/line inputs as well as eight outputs. The ability to configure with SymNet Composer software using more than 600 DSP modules, and the inclusion of support for Audinate’s Dante media networking technology are other primary benefits. With this feature-set, it really is a very powerful piece of equipment!”

Chia-Hsing concluded: “The brief was to provide a system suitable for the demands of the new age of conferencing. With this high-capability set-up, we believe we have done this – and more.”