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PL+S 2018: Powersoft introduces new M-Force transducer

Prolight + Sound 2018 will provide visitors with the first look at Powersoft's M-Force 301P01

Additional features to M-Force are designed to simplify the workload of OEM partners and will be unveiled on the Powersoft stand (Hall 3.1 C17).

M-Force is now available as the M-Force 01 long throw linear motor for infra sub applications and the M-Force 02 short throw linear motor for high acceleration applications. With longer linear displacement, M-Force 01 is suited for direct radiation and bandpass applications, enabling manufacturers to keep cabinet sizes to a minimum while allowing for strong infra-bass reproduction. M-Force 02 is designed to grant reliability under extreme loads, such as bandpass applications and loaded horn configurations.

Originally launched in 2013 in Frankfurt, M-Force is based on a patented, moving magnet, linear motor structure. It is purposely engineered to squeeze all available power granted by switching mode amplifiers to deliver unbelievable performance in terms of power handling, electromagnetic conversion, reliability and maximum SPL. Generating linear movement with parallel moving magnets, M-Force transcends the possibilities available from the limited power and loads of traditional moving coils.

Claudio Lastrucci, Powersoft’s R&D director, stated: “I’ve always considered power amplification, signal processing, and transducer design in loudspeaker to be one single entity in the pursuit of performance. There’s no division between one domain and another because this would limit the evolution of the products to small changes that don’t add up.”

M-Force is configurable as a full system, comprised of M-Drive which fully exploits the potential of M-force to squeeze all of the available power granted by switching mode amplifiers. Claimed to be the most powerful amp module ever built, M-Drive is conceived to drive reactive loads. M-Drive can be equipped with any Powersoft or third-party DSP solution, and integrates Differential Pressure Control Sensor technology (DPC) used in both IPAL and M-Force systems.

Each element of the M-Force system is configurable with Armonía ProManager, Powersoft’s dedicated software tool. With Armonía Pro Manager, OEM manufacturers can initialise the system so that it shows proprietary brand information in Armonía, including series and model name, image and the serial number of the product.