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InfoComm 2016: SiliconCore unveils outdoor 3.9mm LED screen

SiliconCore has launched its first Common Cathode outdoor LED display this week at InfoComm.

The Tulip Outdoor 3.9mm is IP65 rated, features 4,500 Nits brightness and is designed to maintain contrast even in direct sunlight. This display utilises the manufacturer’s Common Cathode technology and patented driver chip.

The Tulip Outdoor has a physical resolution of 65,536 pixels per square metre and accurate reproduction of an estimated 281 trillion colours at a wide viewing angle of 140°.

Eric Li, CEO of SiliconCore explained: “High resolution outdoor LED signage of less than 6mm pixel pitch, largely consisted of limited choices such as semi-outdoor LCD. The LCD platform however has limited effectiveness, brightness, and ability to face environmental challenges such as direct sunlight.

“As we continue to push the envelope of LED displays with Common Cathode technology, we look to transform the outdoor viewing market with our power efficiency while maintaining a higher level of colour, contrast and brightness.”

SiliconCore’s Common Cathode technology has reduces power consumption by up to 30%, thereby removing the need for additional cooling, extending the lifespan of the display and resulting in leading total cost of ownership.

SiliconCore has also developed its own patented driver chip, which features a high speed pixel clock to ensure performance without compromise by significantly advancing the data bandwidth. The chip has double the scan rate and a fourfold increase in processing speed, reducing the number of chips required per display by 75%.