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Exterity IPTV hospital system delivers entertainment and training

Exterity’s IPTV system has been deployed by TOBB ETÜ Hospital in Ankara, Turkey to provide patient entertainment and enhance staff development. The hospital is a part of the TOBB ETÜ (University of Economics and Technology) of Ankara.

TOBB ETÜ Hospital uses technology to support its patients’ needs and to offer the latest entertainment the hospital decided to install an Exterity IP video system in the patient rooms, clinic waiting areas, visitor waiting rooms, restaurants and cafes.

Deployed by systems integrator 4D Sistem Tic, the Exterity IPTV system facilitates the delivery of educational material to 85 patient rooms, six public areas and 28 staff desktops. Additionally, the system provides in-room entertainment for its patients, including both domestic and foreign TV channels, which plays a significant role in ensuring the comfort of guests by creating a more comfortable environment. The Exterity IP video system also delivers prepared presentations and training videos to enable staff to quickly access medical information when tending to a patient, or refresh their training at their convenience from a desktop computer.

Colin Farquhar, CEO at Exterity, explained: “Today’s patients are tech-savvy and expect to have TV and video in their rooms. At the same time, the care requirements for patients can change very quickly, and hospital staff need to always be aware of the latest procedures and medical breakthroughs. It’s great to be working closely with TOBB ETÜ Hospital to help its staff meet and exceed the needs of its patients using our technology. Being able to deliver both entertainment and training via the same system also showcases the versatility of IP video.”