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Airtame’s new Homescreen solution offers a new way to view and control your digital displays

New update for cloud based solution designed to ensure screens are always in use and always displaying relevant content

New update for wireless screen sharing solution designed to ensure screens are always in use and always displaying relevant content 

Airtame, has updated its wireless screen sharing solution to provide users with new and improved control capabilities on how content is displayed and managed on active and inactive digital signage. 

The firm’s education focused ‘plug and play’ USB solution is designed to mirror/stream content from a projector/TV to multiple devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) over a network – removing cables and providing a more personalised and collaboratrive experience.

We want to change the way you think about screens

The new Airtame 3.2 update, includes a new services called ‘Homescreen’, which provides a new visual overview (using its Airtame Cloud control management application) of what’s on your Homescreen.

According to Airtrame, the update is designed to help maximise usage of displays and projectors with the environment they sit – thus removing “the problem” with blank screens. Homescreen, currently in Beta mode, provides the ability to display/schedule content to be displayed on screens remotely when not in use, with the dashboard clearly showing which screens are and are not being used as any given time.

“We want to change the way you think about screens,” the company wrote on its website. “Nowadays, most offices and classrooms have either a TV or projector screen. The problem is that the screens are not used to their full potential. Screens are valuable real estate for showing great, relevant content. We believe screens should help keep people in your organization engaged and aligned.

“You could use digital signage hardware to show content on your screens, but most of this hardware is expensive and bulky. With Homescreen, you have more control and access to put beautiful, relevant content on your screens when they’re not actively in use for screen sharing.

“This allows you as an IT admin, a content manager, or facilities team to check at a glance that your screens are configured to show the content just as you envisioned. The best part is you don’t have to leave your desk.”

Picture perfect / security

Another addition to Homescreen is users are now able to adjust the orientation for screens mounted vertically. This is especially handy for info screen purposes which – as regularly seen – are often installed in portrait.

From a security perspective, whilst the platform is managed through its cloud based app, no information streamed to and from device is stored.

These recently launched changes for Homescreen are currently released in public beta, meaning they are currently free for to try for any new and existing customers. In the future, they will become part of a premium feature set which you would pay on a subscription-based price.

For more information, visiting the Airtame website here.