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Explore strategies for the ‘New Realities’ at XR Summit

As an AV professional, virtual, augmented and mixed reality – known collectively as XR – is a sector you cannot afford to ignore. On Tuesday 5 February, XR Summit ISE will explore the latest in XR technologies, business strategies and solutions and how they are impacting and empowering the AV industry.

The Summit, which starts at 14:00 in the Hotel Okura, will be chaired by Amelia Kallman, a futurist and author who has recently written a cutting-edge report for Lloyd’s of London on the emerging risks of the ‘New Realities’.

The conference, which will consist of keynote presentations and panel sessions, will begin with a look at the potential impact of XR in sports, esports, location-based entertainment, DOOH, and concerts, as well as television series in virtual reality.

The next session will focus on integrating the New Realities into business strategies, from conference rooms and brand activations, to using XR as a tool for design, collaboration and training. This will feature a keynote session, ‘Remote Presence: The human use case for XR’, given by Kalle Saarikannas, Head of Partnerships at Glue, a pioneering remote collaboration platform.

The agenda will then move on to integrating real and virtual worlds, including a panel session debating the opportunities, best practices, and challenges of combining digital experiences with physical environments.

The final session will examine the impact of new technologies, such as AI, 5G, haptics and biometrics, on the industry, and offer predictions about the future.

Speakers and panellists at XR Summit ISE include:

  • Bob Cooney, an author, mentor and speaker who is widely considered to be the world’s foremost expert on location-based virtual reality;
  • Gerben Harmsen, founder of TWNKLS | augmented reality, European market leader in creating, developing and implementing ‘serious’ AR applications;
  • Ibrahim Bakhrani, CTO of UAE-based integrator DigiComm and a leading digital signage expert who has recently diverted his attention to immersive technologies focusing on virtual, augmented and mixed realities;
  • and Muki Kulhan, an award-winning Executive Digital Producer with over two decades’ experience creating groundbreaking content for music, broadcasting, entertainment and tech innovation.

A networking reception will follow at the end of the Summit.

Shuttle buses will be provided from 13:00 to 14:00 between the RAI and the Hotel Okura.

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