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Clevertouch cross-platform solution takes starring role

Interactive touchscreen display provider Clevertouch is showcasing its latest innovations in its Pro Series for enterprise and education users at ISE 2018. The newest features of the Pro Series IR Touch – in 55in, 65in, 70in, 75in and 86in iterations – are being presented. They include mobile device management – enabling users to control all their screens from one – over-the-air updates and precision experience stylus.

Arguably the standout screen is the 65in Capacitive cross-platform unit. Chris Southern, Clevertouch business development manager for corporate, told ISE Daily: “With this you can work cross-platform with any device. In the room you could have three people with Samsung phones, two with Apple phones and somebody else with Windows, and all of you can access it wirelessly, work with it and share. From our research, up to 55% of people bring their own devices to meetings, so they don’t want to be told to go and get a compatible laptop – they want to work with their own devices.”

Clevertouch is also showing the CleverShare 2.0 wireless device which connects via the user’s laptop’s USB port and allows them to show and edit their laptop’s content on a Clevertouch screen.

It allows up to 32 connections to share content on a Clevertouch screen, and has the ability to show up to four separate devices using a combination of Clevertouch dongles or apps.

Stand: 13-E170