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Natural videoconferencing with the AM-CF1 from TOA

TOA Electronics Europe has announced the availability of the the AM-CF1, which combines a microphone array and sound bar in a single device to enable web conferences with natural sound.

Combining eight beam-steering microphones with two active two-way speakers in a single device, the AM-CF1 is designed for small or medium-sized conference rooms, allowing collaboration between remote locations without distance interfering with the exchange.

The AM-CF1 is said to be easily installed and adapted to the room environment via a web browser. The clear operating software offers various settings such as input and output volume control, mixing, equalizer and coverage area setting (up to 6m range). With its in and output connections the AM-CF1 can be linked to existing AV systems. In addition, further participants can be connected via Bluetooth.

The AM-CF1 can be installed on the wall and is available in both black and white; the integrated sound bar can also be used for audio playback.