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Riedel and TSL collaborate on project for financial firm

At each of the financial firm's two primary locations, more than 50 Riedel MediorNet FusioN edge devices, orchestrated by TSL's X-Connect control interface, form a small-scale solution

The strategic partnership between Riedel Communications and TSL has led to the deployment of a video distribution and control system for a leading financial services firm. Systems integrator Diversified paired Riedel’s MediorNet IP video distribution and conversion equipment with TSL’s X-Connect control interface to provide distributed IP routing and control functionality without the need for a large-scale matrix.

At each of the financial firm’s two primary locations, more than 50 Riedel MediorNet FusioN edge devices, orchestrated by TSL’s X-Connect control interface, form a small-scale solution. The FusioNs serve not only as 3G/UHD SDI/IP gateways, but also PTZ camera control Ethernet tunnels for remote camera operators. Offering options for FusioN black burst (BB) and frame sync (FS), customers can genlock remote sources with BB inputs, or use frame sync to lock asynchronous sources to PTP during encapsulation.

Additionally, the core IP media fabric consists of two pairs of MediorNet VirtU-48s, establishing the red and blue networks and ensuring full signal redundancy through SMPTE ST 2022-7 protection switching for a fault tolerant network. TSL’s X-Connect connects and controls IP edge devices and legacy broadcast devices, bridging the integration gap between SDI and IP-based workflows.

“In the evolving IP landscape, it’s crucial for content producers and broadcasters of all sizes to have access to open, affordable solutions for leveraging IP and COTS benefits without the expense of a total infrastructure revamp,” said Ian Godfrey, president and head of control solutions, TSL.

The financial services firm, a recent addition to Riedel’s clientele, uses the solution to move numerous video signals across its facilities. Although the project was designed without a control system, the more dynamic control infrastructure ultimately implemented, addresses the demands of the firm’s multipurpose rooms, live event centres, and virtual audience engagements via third-party platforms such as Zoom.

“Combining our equipment with TSL’s innovative control interface, we have filled a void in the industry, delivering high-quality video solutions tailored to corporate spaces,” said Dave Caulwell, regional sales director east, Riedel.