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Supponor to deliver virtual advertising during FC Barcelona home games

After 5 years of commercial deployment in La Liga focusing on the production of key away matches of the leading clubs, including FC Barcelona, Supponor will now also enable virtual advertising on FC Barcelona home matches. This will allow Barça’s fans and club partners to engage in new and innovative ways of communicating during live matches.

Supponor’s virtual advertising technology is designed to increase the availability, relevance and value of pitch-side LED boards by creating new, regionalised inventory in the live international broadcast feeds. Advertising seen on these boards will be different to that seen by fans watching in Camp Nou or viewing the domestic broadcast coverage. The technology therefore allows global sponsors to tailor their brand messages for different La Liga audiences around the world, or for new sponsors to target their most relevant La Liga audience watching live broadcasts from FC Barcelona games.

James B Gambrell, CEO, Supponor, said: “After intensely researching and developing our technology for the past 15 years it is now proven and commercially deployed with many leading clubs, leagues and federations. As one of the most influential clubs in world football, we are delighted to be part of FC Barcelona’s rapidly growing international reach as Barca continues to consolidate its brand positioning in key international markets. It is set to achieve its historic goal of exceeding €1billion in annual revenues at the same time as joining our growing roster of clients.”