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Informative recycling bins hit streets of London

The new bin developed by Renew is said to bring "on-the-go-media" to the streets of London.

Bomb-proof bins that display streams of information and travel updates via LCD screens are being installed in locations across London.

The latest bin developed by Renew uses adaptive brightness technology to minimise power usage, and will present ‘on-the-go-media’ on two screens embedded into its shell. Content will include updates from the London Stock Exchange, corporate news, headlines and weather updates between 6.00am and 11.59pm each day.

Each bin cost around £30,000 to build and will rack up an estimated £500,000 bill for maintenance over a 21-year period. Prototypes of the bin were subject to blast testing in a New Mexico desert to develop its bomb-proof capabilities.

Currently there are 50 screens in place, with plans to have 200 installed in time for the London Olympics. Renew also plans to enhance wireless connectivity throughout the network so additional interactive capabilities are possible, such as direct updates from the emergency services.