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Flexing potential for corporate spaces: How all-in-one LED displays are answering the business agenda

Higher resolution, speed of installation, energy savings, connectivity, and accessibility. These are the top asks on the shopping list of corporate managers selecting digital displays, allowing them to engage effectively throughout the office

LED technologies are fast advancing, and with size, scalability, superior visual quality, and energy efficiency all well recognised, solely accessibility – ease of installation and affordability – have been a challenge. That has all changed, with the cost of technology reducing and all-in-one (AIO) dvLED solutions providing the full gamut, all packed into one box. 

Just like any other product line, the requirements that need to be met from an AIO LED display will vary, so providing a line-up that can be built upon to suit unique business’ requirements is essential. 

That also means building in features not traditionally in LED displays – game-changers for the technology. The team at PPDS has worked with installation and solutions partners, as well as corporate customers, developing a Philips LED line-up that delivers real difference. 

Higher Resolutions
In terms of picture quality, LED has long had an advantage, with the ability to craft size and pixel pitch for higher resolutions. With technology advances, supporting 12-bit colours and HDR10+ resolution have become more attainable. And, better still, long-term savings can be made through lower energy consumption. FHD, 4K or 8K are now easily achievable for businesses requiring fine attention-to-detail.

The ’dark art’ of installing a LED display is also banished with AIOs. While they do not comprise a single unit, with Philips Unite LED AIOs, all elements needed are in the box, pre-configured and easy-to-integrate. 

With installation times starting from just one hour with the 7000 Series AIO, which consists of four 55in panels that seamlessly slot together to create a full HD display with mounts and all components, including a built-in controller.

Businesses globally are looking to reduce energy consumption. Advancing LED technologies take this into account. Already using less energy than their counterparts, the latest ‘cool’ common cathode LEDs consume even less, producing significantly less heat, too. 

What’s more, in the Philips Unite LED 5000 Series AIO, a unique standby solution has been added, consuming less than 0.5w of power in standby mode (compared to 200 watts on similar models). 

Another challenge for businesses selecting LED displays has been their connectivity and the ability to easily build solutions for competitive edge. That’s all changing, too. 

The Philips Unite LED 5000 Series AIO includes the Philips D-Line’s Android platform built in, allowing remote management and AVIT integration. A WiFi and Bluetooth dongle are also available in the box.

With all this factored in, LED displays for corporate customers naturally become more accessible and, especially with line-ups like the Philips Unite LED AIO range, that includes a selection of sizes, pixel pitches, and mounting options. And the size of the display in the box doesn’t define the end-product – simply multiply or integrate with other displays for a unique solution.

Essential Choices

Finally, cost has long dictated LED display decision-making. PPDS recognises that bells and whistles aren’t always required, developing a range that starts with the essentials and builds from there.  

Bringing higher resolution, speed of installation, energy savings, and accessibility together, choosing a Philips Unite LED All In One is a smart investment for any organisation.

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