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World’s biggest hologram effect created for superstar DJ show

Holo-Gauze screen displays huge floating animation sequences during Eric Prydz EPIC 3.0 event at Madison Square Garden

Holo-Gauze, the 3D display solution from Holotronica, has enabled the creation of what is claimed to be the world’s biggest, brightest, highest-resolution indoor hologram effect during superstar DJ Eric Prydz’s EPIC 3.0 show at Madison Square Garden – the third in a series of visual dance music events. The performance utilised a 20 x 5m Holo-Gauze screen which displayed huge hologram effects, including a giant helix, huge speaking head, and numerous rotating particle effects, realised by producers of the show, Realtime Environment Systems (RES).

Holo-Gauze comprises a metallic, highly transparent gauze, and is said to be the only gauze able to work with 3D polarised projection systems which use a minimum of two projectors – although it can also produce believable 2D hologram effects using one projector. During the EPIC 3.0 show, three merged 40,000 lumen video projectors beamed 4K-resolution, floating hologram effects onto the Holo-Gauze, filling the stage, thrilling the Madison Square Garden audience and creating the biggest indoor hologram the world has ever seen.

Holo-Gauze screens can be produced to any dimensions, and hologram sizes are only limited by projector distance and power – assuming the correct lighting is used. Other gauzes create a mist-like effect, but Holo-Gauze appears almost 100% invisible, producing high-resolution, high-contrast effects that wow audiences. The brainchild of audiovisual artist and composer Stuart Warren-Hill, Holo-Gauze was developed when Stuart needed a new type of portable holographic 3D display to tour his own 3D Blu-ray and CD electronic music project, Holotronica.

“This event is what Holo-Gauze is all about,” explains Stuart Warren-Hill. “The combination of invisibility and the ability to work with 3D projection means that large-scale floating hologram effects can be created and new dimensions in live performance can be explored – which is why I developed Holo-Gauze in the first place. It’s great to see that others have seized its potential and are pushing the hologram envelope even further.”