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South Korean waterpark selects Symetrix for Dante

Lotte World’s Waterpark in Gimhae, South Korea, has installed Symetrix audio processing after the attraction sounded out Dante media networking technology as integral to its new audio system network.

Symetrix’s multi-zonal capability and reputation for rock solid reliability also influenced the installation at Korea’s newly-opened waterpark, which at more than 120,000sqft is one of the largest in the world.

Seoul-based Soundsolution devised the audio configuration to enable the transmission of announcements, background music (BGM) and emergency messages. Staff can easily control and monitor all BGM zones and volumes, along with the microphone status of poolside guards. For this, processing capability is split across three control rooms: a Symetrix Edge open-architecture Dante-scalable DSP, one xIn 12 and two xOut 12 I/O expanders in the main building; one Edge and a single xIn 12 in the volcano area; and a Radius 12×8 open-architecture Dante-scalable DSP and one xOut12 in the wavepool control room. In each case, further expansion is planned to help boost system redundancy.

Enabling the control of amplifier racks in all three control rooms via Lab.gruppen’s NLB 60E NomadLink Bridge & Network Controller, the resulting installation is flexible and reliable because staff can select the volume, BGM and so forth while listening to the sound directly in any zone of the waterpark through the SymVue panel, which was designed by Soundsolution, and the team viewer programme.

The incorporation of Dante network redundancy also makes the system easy to expand in the future. The venue operators are currently planning to install additional Edge processors in the waterslide zone. Tackling long reverberation times and ensuring that there can be no water-related damage to audio equipment were among the other challenges involved in the audio installation, which also saw Soundsolution fitting Lab.gruppen C28:4 and C48:4 amplifiers, RCF P1108 and P4228 loudspeakers, a large number of Tannoy Di5T and Di6DC loudspeakers, and Beyerdynamic TG-V35DS vocal microphones.

“The result of our labours is a comprehensive system able to deliver all the essential audio requirements for this prestigious venue, while offering redundancy sufficient to cope with future expansion,” commented Lisa Lee, marketing manager at Soundsolution.