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Blaze Audio releases Dante-enabled amplifier series

Having listened to integrators, Blaze Audio has incorporated Dante into select products and is now shipping four Dante-enabled PowerZone Connect amplifier series models

When integrators speak, Blaze Audio responds. “We were getting a huge demand from our integration teams,” says Eric Huber, CX marketing manager at Blaze Audio, of the company’s decision to add four new Dante-enabled models. “They needed something more flexible, and Dante was the clear choice.”

PowerZone Connect plus Dante unleashes many more opportunities from an integration standpoint. “We’re talking larger scale projects, multi-zoning, long cable runs, and seamless integration,” Huber goes on. “The flexibility is just endless. Once you incorporate this with our built- in PowerZone Control DSP, add Dante to the mix, and it’s very simple.”

The four PowerZone Connect plus Dante amplifiers – including the 3004D, pictured here – cover 125 to 3000 watts, handling most commercial- based applications

Dante Controller provides point-and-click routing. “Dante eliminates all the analog cable patching that would need to be done,” Huber explains. There’s no IP configuration needed because the Dante device is automatically recognised and gets assigned to an IP once you plug into the network. If a room or a zone gets added, all the integrator needs to do is use the existing network that’s in place.

Each Dante-enabled PowerZone Connect amplifier has the Dante Ultimo chip built in and delivers up to 4×4 channels at 44.1 and 48 kHz. Cable lengths are extended; multi-channel digital audio is sent over a single Ethernet cable, allowing for a noise-free signal path over long distances with a default latency of 1 millisecond.

Dante allows for more flexibility and scalability in integration projects and simplifies the installation and expansion process. “Plus, Dante is compatible with other Dante-enabled devices, making it easy to integrate with existing systems,” Huber says.

The four PowerZone Connect plus Dante amplifiers (including the 3004D, pictured) cover 125 to 3000 watts, handling most commercial- based applications. 

“The cool thing about them is that they’re dual impedance, making it flexible for many scenarios,” Huber notes. “If you want to run a low impedance output for a stage or performance area and want to do an additional two channels or a single channel at 70 volts, you can do that with our four channel amps. It becomes a hybrid amp at that point, and with Dante, you can send signals wherever you want.”

Blaze Audio solutions are widely used in retail, hospitality, college campuses, small- to medium- sized performance venues, and houses of worship. Incorporating Dante into Blaze Audio’s PowerZone Connect series of amplifiers provides integrators more options and opportunities for their clients.

“It’s about giving integrators the tools they need to grow individually and help their clients to the best of their ability. So many doors are opened when you add Dante and network audio,” Huber concludes.

Learn more about the core concepts of Audinate Dante®️ and discover its advantages. Access Blaze Audio’s free Dante guide, designed for easy understanding, by scanning the QR code, below.

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