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Exclusive: Everything you need to know about Dante AV

Brad Price, senior product marketing manager at Audinate, on the Dante family of solutions

Can you explain Dante AV and who is it aimed towards?
Dante AV is a growing family of solutions that allow OEMs and users to deliver high-quality AV-over-IP over standard Gigabit networks. Dante AV is the only complete platform across audio and video developed with a network-first design. It is ideally suited for applications that need the lowest latency and completely synchronised audio and video, such as IMAG work and broadcast contribution. 

What kinds of challenges was Dante AV developed to overcome?
Dante AV addresses the need for a coherent control plane for AV networks that works across multiple vendors. With a common set of tools that handle system configuration, security and monitoring and that independently encompasses both audio and video, Dante AV provides manufacturers and end users with a mature ecosystem designed for interoperability and ease of use. Dante AV is available in two forms to address different needs: Dante AV Ultra targets customers who need the lowest latency and highest image quality ,while Dante AV H works with lower bandwidth H.264/265 codecs on Systems on a Chip (SoCs).  

What industries/verticals do you see being most interested in Dante AV?
With 26 licensed OEMs in the process of developing and delivering video-enabled products to end users, Dante AV is ready now and suitable for a multitude of verticals where live-streaming is necessary, including corporate, houses of worship, live entertainment, and news and sports broadcasting. The superior low latency performance of Dante AV Ultra makes it ideal for real-time events and production usage.  

How does Dante AV fit in with other offerings in the Dante ecosystem?
Dante AV is now a critical element of the entire Dante ecosystem. Both Dante AV Ultra and Dante AV-H work with Dante Studio on PCs, which brings Dante AV into production workflows to make them easy to use and reliable. Dante Studio allows the use of high resolution, low latency Dante AV video directly in AV production applications, allowing IT and AV managers to monitor all Dante AV cameras and sources on their network for confidence, making troubleshooting easy and solving problems before they are problems. Additionally, Dante Studio integrates with Dante Controller, which allows users to configure and patch signals on the network, and there is support for Dante Domain Manager, which unifies IT control and management within the Dante ecosystem.