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Sony’s ‘most technically advanced” projectors go on sale in the UK and across Europe

The VPL-FHZ120L and VPL-FHZ90L targeted at medium and large venues, including conference halls and lecture theatres

Sony’s latest, brightest and most technically advanced range of projectors, the VPL-FHZ120L (in white) and VPL-FHZ90L are now available across Europe. 

The new VPL-FHZ120L (12,000lm) is Sony’s highest brightness model yet, to meet the needs of large venues, from conference halls, auditoriums and lecture theatres to museums and other large scale visitor attractions. The the VPL-FHZ90L (9,000lm) is ideal for both mid and large-size venues.

According to Sony, the new models have seen significant interest from dealers with circa 100 pre-orders already placed. 

‘Amidst growing demand for high brightness projectors for large venues, Sony’s customers are excited for the new models and are looking forward to installing them and impressing their audiences,’ the firm said in a statement. 

Both the VPL-FHZ120L and VPL-FHZ90L use a newly-developed LCD panel with enhanced light resistance, and for the VPL-FHZ120L, an optical compensator to realise high contrast that delivers stable brightness and high image quality with vibrant colour reproduction. Furthermore, Sony’s unique Z-Phosphor Laser uses a blue laser as its light source alongside a 3LCD optical system, to achieve the full spectrum of light and continuous, clear RGB colour.

“Sony has always believed laser technology is the future for installation projectors, and the huge response to our new models announced at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) earlier this year demonstrates our customers are also looking to inspire their audiences with new, high brightness models that bring clear, bright imagery with nearly zero maintenance costs” said Robert Meakin, European product manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “By working alongside our customers, we’re confident that Sony will continue to lead the way in projection technology.”

With stable brightness and vibrant colour reproduction thanks to their newly developed 3LCD panels, the VPL-FHZ120L & VPL-FHZ90L are some of the most technologically advanced projectors on the market. Other features include:

● Industry-leading wide lens shift (Max. Vertical ±107%, Horizontal ±60%) and a range of optional lens installations to address the varying needs of each customer’s installation

● With up to 6 lens pre-set positions the projectors can memorise size, position and aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3) to ensure there is no need to adjust the settings each time it is used

● New HTML content display functions that make it possible to project customised images such as a company/school logo, news, or advertisements via the network or a USB stick. This allows customers to make effective use of the projector even when it is not in use for presentations

● Compatibility with Sony’s latest solutions including Vision Exchange, an interactive collaboration and active learning solution, and the TEOS family of corporate solutions, creating the workspace of the future