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Sony to launch new videoconferencing content streamers

Sony will release two new videoconferencing solutions for the streaming of content: one for HD quality and a simplified more cost-effective version.

Sony is set to expand its videoconferencing range this May with the introduction of two new streaming devices: the PCS-XG100 – a mainstream HD video conferencing system – and a simplified version, the PCS-XG77. Both solutions are targeted at the meeting, conference and classroom environments. The PCS-XG100 offers transmission in Full-HD with a resolution of 1080/60p (1080/30p for dual streams). When transmitting dual content streams, an additional software option can create a 9-way H.323 embedded MCU bridge which connects both streams, cascading the two IP addresses to a maximum of 16 endpoints. For sound capture, up to six Sony PCS-A1 microphones can be added for conferences and large-scale event hosting solutions. The PCS-XG100’s key features include: video annotation with a pen and tablet; recording and sharing function; industry leading stereo echo cancelling technology; Dual streaming of up to 30 frames; and triple screen functionality. In addition to the PCS-XG100, Sony has developed a simplified version – the PCS-XG77 – which is able transmit in 720/60p and is said to be ideal for budget corporate and classroom installations.  “Sony has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions in unified communications for many years now,” commented Damien Weissenburger, Sony Europe. “The PCS-XG100 marks the latest step in our journey to deliver integrated solutions that utilise the best of Sony technology to truly bring people together, regardless of where they are.” These new Videoconference systems complement both Sony’s existing Videoconferencing range as well as Sony’s AV offering for meeting, conference and class-rooms including: the EVI-H100V PTZ and EVI/BRC full-HD cameras; the new FWD-W800P BRAVIA Professional screens and the new DWZ series wireless microphones