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Sony introduces new additions to S-Series Full HD LED displays

Sony has extended its range of S-Series Full HD LED displays. The three additional units – the FWD-S55H2, FWD-S46H2 and FWD-S42H2 – feature enhanced contrast ratio and brightness levels.

Sony Professional has unveiled three new display products to bolster its digital signage offering, the FWD-S55H2, FWD-S46H2 and FWD-S42H2 Full HD LED backlit public displays. The new additions complete the S-Series line-up, which was launched at ISE in January 2012. The devices incorporate LED backlighting and offer high brightness and high contrast of 4000:1, along with low power consumption – with LED backlighting that is at least 45% less per unit area than a conventional CCFL model from Sony. Built for public display, the FWD-S55H2 has been designed to offer clear visibility with 1000 cd/m2 brightness, while providing the stability and reliable operation in retail signage, medical and rental staging applications. Meanwhile, the FWD-S46H2 and FWD-S42H2 offer a high brightness of 700 cd/m2. The depth of the FWD-S55H2, FWD-S46H2 and FWD-S42H2 is at least 20% less than that of a conventional CCFL model from Sony, making the new models ideal for smaller retail environments. For slim installation, the Signal In and Signal Out terminals are incorporated into this profile, and do not protrude from the unit. Also, due to the fact they use commercial-grade LCD panels and cooling systems, these displays can be positioned either vertically or horizontally with no change in the backlight level or service life. This orientation flexibility makes it possible to create many different imaging effects in a wide variety of spaces. Several input/output terminals, including HD-SDI (option) and HDMI, enable connectivity with a variety of professional equipment. Tak Nakane, product manager, Sony Professional, said: “For small to medium-sized organisations looking to unlock the potential of their images and deliver a real business benefit, the new S-Series models offer a cost effective, reliable, power efficient and easy-to-use option. The simplicity of these products means smaller retail environments don’t need in-house IT expertise to benefit from what digital content can offer.” The new models will be available in December 2012.