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Sony releases 98-inch BRAVIA display

The new FW-98BZ53L model complements the existing BZ40L range with its 55-inch to 85-inch models

Sony has announced that its family of dedicated BRAVIA Professional Displays is expanding with a brand-new flagship 98-inch display FW-BZ53L series, featuring Deep-Black Non-Glare. Expanding its range further, the BRAVIA FW-BZ30L is now also available in a 98” option for customers in Europe, while the recently announced BRAVIA 7, BRAVIA 8, and BRAVIA 9 are the latest additions to its FWD tuner range.

The new FW-98BZ53L model complements the existing BZ40L range with its 55-inch to 85-inch models. Sony says its Deep-Black Non-Glare Coating means the BZ53L display benefits from “low reflection, high contrast and precise image quality”. These features address common concerns related to digital signage being displayed in challenging, high ambient light, or direct lighting environments, and make the BZ53L series well-suited choice for busy retail showrooms, large lecture halls or meeting rooms, and corporate receptions, the company claims.

“Similar to its predecessors, the BZ53L is designed to be user-friendly and incredibly versatile. The demand for digital signage is increasing rapidly as businesses and educational organisations continue to invest in technology that facilitates the growing importance of in-person experiences, modern hybrid working and online learning,” said Christopher Mullins, head of B2B BRAVIA product marketing, Sony Europe.

“The new models are also an example of our continued commitment to a more sustainable future, using recycled plastic materials and packaging, as well as smart power-saving modes that see displays power off when not in use.”

Sony’s 98” offering of its FW-BZ30L series is also newly available to customers in Europe. The FW-98BZ30L comes equipped with an XR Processor and 440 nits of brightness, a wide viewing angle, and a smart System on a Chip (SoC) platform. Like the other models in the BZ30L series, the 98” also incorporates sustainable elements – from the use of SORPLAS recycled plastic to an ECO Dashboard for better understanding of power consumption.

The new 98-inch display smart features include:

  • 47% haze with low reflection filter
  • Full array local dimming backlight technology for enhanced contrast and efficient usage of power across the panel
  • Brightness of 780 nits to ensure high visibility under various lighting conditions
  • A 4K 120 Hz panel & XR Motion Clarity & XR Clear Image technology
  • XR Triluminos Pro colour enhancement
  • Support for 24/7 operation