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SiliconCore showcases highest resolution and brightest ever display

SiliconCore Technology used last week’s InfoComm Show to reveal the Lotus 0.83mm LED display. The result of five years of research and development it is described as “representing a giant step forward in large-format display manufacturing”.

At 2000 nits, the Lotus 0.83mm display surpasses the market with the brightest and most efficient sub-1mm pitch LED display in the world, consuming up to 50% less power compared to similar displays of its kind.

It features SiliconCore’s latest innovation, LISA – a proprietary encapsulation process that guards the high density LEDs and ensures colour uniformity and a long lifetime. Its cool surface is dust and water resistant which makes it durable and suitable for touch and custom install applications, with a very close viewing distance.

Eric Li, SiliconCore’s CEO, commented: “This new Lotus 0.83mm display is a huge achievement for the SiliconCore innovation teams and delivers a viable, high-resolution LED display to the market for the first time. We are once again raising the bar for the industry and for the first time we will be licensing our technologies so that we can work with the best in the industry to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.”

A 4K resolution display can now be achieved at 144in with a smooth, touchable surface. This makes the technology perfect for a variety of environments including boardrooms and meeting spaces, design centres, lobbies, home theatres, visualization applications and control rooms.