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Signagelive partners for analytics and mass notification

Signagelive, whose digital signage software powers powering tens of thousands of screens deployed across over 46 countries, has recently announced two new partnerships that extend its functionality. It is using AdMobilize’s audience analytics to provide proof of play and proof of display, and has integrated Layered Solutions’ mass notification offering to increase the flexibility of its messaging.

AdMobilize is to be the go-to audience analytics provider for the newly announced Signagelive Marketplace, which is comprised of over 1,800 digital signage network users.

AdMobilize’s analytics platform provides data to understand the attention, demographics and emotions of viewers engaging with networks powered by Signagelive.

Jason Cremins, founder and CEO of Signagelive, commented: “Being able to support the proof of play and proof of display data that we capture in Signagelive with proof of view is imperative to Signagelive resellers and network operators who want to measure the true impact of their digital signage.

“AdMobilize provides a simple, powerful and cost-effective audience measurement and visual analytics platform that complements Signagelive and meets the demands of our partners and the 1,800 digital signage networks powered by our platform across the world.”

Mike Neel, global head of marketing/sales at AdMobilize, added: “Working with Signagelive and their network of partners just makes sense. The demand for audience measurement and visual analytics for digital signage has reached a tipping point, and our technology allows it to be highly scalable. We believe our combined effort will make utilising these solutions more practical and effective for networks. The ultimate goal is to provide insights that positively impact their digital signage solution.”

Meanwhile, Layered Solutions is providing Signagelive channel partners and customers with the ability to interrupt Signagelive managed digital signage displays and players – either spontaneously or in the event of an emergency.

“Integrating our software solution into Signagelive’s cloud-based technology provides end users with the ability to interrupt daily content with a special announcement or emergency communications is imperative to the well being of employees, customers, patients or students,” said Jerry Geis, president and founder of Layered Solutions. “The messaging is pre-programmed and can be controlled from a PC or even through a mobile app.”

“Utilising our Web Triggers API, Layered Solutions enables instant take-over of any number of Signagelive managed displays or players regardless of the physical location of the device anywhere in the world,” said Cremins.

As well as integrating with digital signage systems, Layered Solutions’ provides mass notification communication – whether in an emergency or a general announcement – through its software and mobile application platform thatas well as fire systems, public address systems, LED signage, physical security systems and social media.

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