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Severtson Screens adds microperf option to folded cinema screen range

Severtson Screens' new folded SēVision 3D GX line of cinema projection screens now includes the microperf screen as an option.

Severtson Screens’ new folded SēVision 3D GX line of cinema projection screens now includes the microperf screen as an option for international shipping.

“Launched at the recent CinemaCon 2014 event to rave reviews and popularity worldwide, our new folded shipping method now makes international distribution of our industry-acclaimed SēVision 3D GX highly affordable, reducing international shipping costs by up to 70%,” explained Toby Severtson, president and CEO of Severtson Corp.

The Severtson micro-perforation (microperf) viewing surface eliminates moiré, which is often a problem for screens with larger perforation, yet continues to provide a more realistic soundstage, allowing speakers to be placed directly behind the screen. The Folded SēVision 3D GX line of cinema projection screens are claimed to offer up to 15% better sound transfer over standard perforated screens, while providing optimum visual performance at the same time.

Added Dan Maxwell, Severtson Corp. VP and chief operating officer, “Since we introduced the folded SēVision 3D GX line earlier this year, we have had to increase production in our Mesa, Arizona facilities to keep up with the international demand. Now, with the addition of the microperf option, we are excited to offer this top of the line product to our customers located around the globe who have been looking for such a screen, but shipping costs associated with such large packages as this were out-of-reach for so many up until now.”

Now, Severtson Screens’ microperf 3D screens can be folded and packed into a much smaller crate without any loss in structural integrity or performance abilities. Severtson’s new folded screen process not only reduces international shipping fees, the smaller packaging simplifies delivery to theaters and is more convenient for installers, as well.

The new folded line of SēVision 3D GX and Ultra Wide cinema screens is aid to be perfect for all large cinema applications, such as cinemas, museums and universities. Features include:

  • Available in standard (white and silver) or micro perforation coated surface that is harder to bruise and scuff
  • Small micron flake coating produces a sharper image that eliminates graininess in bright scenes viewing angles range from 30º to 40º half-gain, depending on the specific screen gain requested
  • Use of a proprietary non-leafing flake promotes longevity by eliminating degradation of the optical properties over time

According to Severtson, the idea of folding a screen for shipment, delivery, and installation had previously been deemed impossible because there was no method of doing it without degrading the quality and performance of the screen, or ruining it altogether. Today, the cost offset on shipping as well as the screen’s performance and longevity increases savings for the customer. This is big news for international markets that desires a state-of-the-art silver 3D cinema screen, but, up until now, simply could not afford the shipment and installation cost because of how such a large screen had to be prepared, packed, and shipped.