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Projection screens: nine solutions to upgrade the viewing experience

The featured solutions demonstrate how projection screen technology has developed a growing number of material and install options to deliver more engaging experiences.

The featured solutions demonstrate how projection screen technology has developed a growing number of material and install options to deliver more engaging experiences.

AV Stumpfl provides continuous screen surface

Curve 360 is a mobile projection screen from AV Stumpfl available in custom sizes and with custom bending radius. The 360° edition is manufactured with a continuous surface for a more immersive experience, but is also able to be assembled and packed away easily and stored compactly.

The screen is made from a solid-frame construction and flexible projection surface, which includes secured connections designed for gap-free connection of the curved frame parts. The screens are available to the customer’s requirements in any segment of a circle and radius up to 360°.

Surface options include coated for 3D imaging and night vision – which is designed for simulation and training environments – and matt for front projection. Acoustically transparent surfaces are also available.

Installation options include suspending the screen from the ceiling or mounting it on legs in front of visitors.

Screenline’s custom-made curved screen

Screenline’s Arena is a cylindrical projection screen that creates an immersive visual surface that surrounds the viewer. Housed in an aluminium frame, the screen surface is made of a PVC fabric that can be adjusted on installation using small screws, saving time for the customer and installer.

The screen requires a projection system made up of more than one projector and an electronic control unit able to create a single image. However, the modular structure is quick to assemble and mount with pre-assembled aluminium elements.

As a custom-made solution Arena screens can be modified to suit the customer’s requirements. The diameter ranges from 4.5m to 12m and the curvature from 30° to 360°, according to the application.

The dimensions and characteristics of Arena screens makes it suited to a variety of special uses such as flight or driving simulations, museums and training courses in simulated environments.

dnp delivers visual acuity with short-throw solution

The LaserPanel from dnp is powered by laser projection and aimed at larger flatscreen display sizes, up to 100in. It is suited to corporate, education and high-end residential applications.

Available in two versions, the LaserPanel and LaserPanel Touch, which is interactive and includes an interactive camera and IR pens, for presentations.

The optical flatscreen has high visual acuity and utilises a combination of laser projection and dnp’s patented optical screen technology, an optical lens system that enhances the image for optimum viewing by focusing and concentrating the projected light.

This one-box solution is also significantly cheaper than an LCD/LED flatscreen and offers cost-effective operation for a number of possible uses.

Stewart Filmscreen offers integration flexibility

The LuminEsse is a fixed frame front projection wallscreen system for the custom install market available in FireHawk G4, GrayHawk RS G4, and StudioTek 130 4K+ rated screen materials, up to 151in (diagonal). This provides the integrator with the flexibility for different applications and the ability to tailor the image to the constraints of the room with consideration of the level of ambient light and projector model.

The ‘edgeless’ design of the LuminEsse allows the screen to blend in with the surrounding décor when not in use and the slim 3/8in (10mm) thin bezel combines more screen size with less visible framing.

It features an optional LED backlighting kit that acts as bias lighting to reduce eyestrain during extended viewing periods. When the screen is on, the multi-coloured perimeter lighting adds to the onscreen content, and when off, it can be used for mood lighting.

Multi-layer polarised screen from EPV screens

Polar Star eFinity, from EPV Screens (Elite Prime Vision) the install projector screen division of Elite Screens, is a versatile screen for custom residential and pro AV applications.

The design features a wrap-around ambient-light rejecting (ALR) material over an internal aluminium framework. The PVC (tensioned) multi-layer screen material has a reflective brightness level of 1.3 gain and a 70° wide viewing angle. This material rejects up to 85% of ambient light and is polarised for optimum 3D rendition. The protective surface coating is a reflective compound that filters out indirect light while enhancing contrast levels and maintaining 92% polarisation levels.

The multi-colour LED backlighting kit can be used for panel lighting when the screen is not in use, which prevents an area of the room becoming a ‘cold space’. The detachable kit includes a remote to activate its 16 colour options and four modes for mood lighting.

The colour fidelity, black level performance and flat spectral response ensure the image does not wash out even when the room lighting is on.

Pro Display expands application options with Digital Glass

Digital Glass from Pro Display is a projection screen technology manufactured by a process that coats the optical projection layer directly onto toughened glass.

The projection layer is a new optical material that offers brightness and contrast even in brightly lit environments. It has been designed specifically for ultra-short throw projection as it spreads light evenly into each corner without creating hot spots.

It can be used for high-end projection, digital signage and large-format edge blending. The polished edges of each panel enable multiple screens to be installed side-by-side, creating large screens without bezels and an alternative to videowalls.

In addition, there are custom glass sizes and thicknesses available on request as well as lightweight acrylic options. Digital Glass can also be combined with Pro Display’s intouch multi-touch frames to create Interactive Digital Glass for large format multi-touch display applications. Standard diagonal sizes range from 80in to 120in and custom sizes go up to 6m x 2.4m.

Draper solves viewing issues with screen formulations

Draper’s Optically Seamless TecVision screens are lower-cost solutions with eight formulations, all 4K ready and ISF certified for colour accuracy.

Designed in-house and made to order, TecVision surfaces are built to tackle issues with ambient light, weak projectors, wide-angle viewing and any other problems faced by the customer.

When combined with Draper’s Projection Planner, the surface planning tools standard, the screens provide the designer and installer with bespoke options.

The five white surfaces are available with gains ranging from 1.0 to 1.8 across wide viewing cones, and the three ambient-light rejecting grey surfaces offer performance under higher room-light levels.

Da-Lite boasts ultra-thin bezel frame

The UTB Contour from Da-Lite is claimed to have the thinnest bezel (6mm) of any fixed-frame projection screen on the market. It has been designed to look like a large flatpanel display, but is said to be double the size of the largest flatpanel televisions available.

The screen also offers a low-profile flatpanel design, 3.5cm off the wall. The HD Progressive surfaces are designed for 1080p, 4K, and Ultra HD.

The UTB Contour is available in three frame finishes including acid etched black, silver and high gloss black.

High-end accessibility from Projecta

Projecta’s Tensioned Descender Electrol is a ceiling recessed solution that offers two-step installation, easy serviceability, and high-resolution projection surfaces.

Two-step installation reduces the risk of damage to the screen surface as the screen case can be installed first and the surface added later. This allows the customer greater flexibility as they can order the case and then decide on the aspect ratio and screen surface.

Serviceability is easier as the motor and screen surface remain accessible after installation so maintenance can be carried out. The HD Progressive surfaces available offer pixel preservation, uniformity and colour fidelity.