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Panasonic opens virtual museum

Panasonic has created a virtual museum in the cloud to showcase its AV technology for the museum and heritage sector. The museum has four distinct zones, each highlighting how AV technology can be integrated to create engaging, modern exhibits.

Panasonic product experts guide visitors through the museum and provide an insight into how Panasonic products and solutions can enhance the museum environment.

The first zone, ‘Experiential projection’, combines laser projection, edge blending and ultra short throw lenses to demonstrate how large scale, high brightness, high resolution panorama projections can be created within the museum environment.

The ‘informative display’ zone looks at how display technology can be used to create better way finding within a museum setting, optimising the visitor experience.

Within the ‘4K technology’ zone, Panasonic’s 4K broadcast, display, rugged computer and laser projectors are combined to recreate exhibits in the highest level of detail.

Whilst the virtual ‘control room’ zone looks at how security cameras can help protect exhibits, improve demographic information, and combine with visual technology to help automate way finding within a museum, helping avoid long queues at popular exhibits.

Panasonic UK group manager for visual systems Gareth Day, explained: “It’s one thing creating great products but if you want to achieve disruptive change to, for instance, drive forward the adoption of laser projection technology, we need to arm the industry with the right materials to ensure they can confidently embrace the shift to laser after decades of lamps and filters.

“Our range of products is ideal for the museum and heritage sector and we already work with a number of leading venues to create immersive and engaging experiences which are capable of entertaining visitors of all ages.”

Panasonic projection and display technology