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New pair of converters from Doremi

The H2S-30 (HDMI-to-HDSDI) and S2H-30 (HDSDI-to-HDMI) are both said to offer high-quality processing.

The H2S-30 and S2H-30 video processors offer conversion between HDMI and HDSI along with high-quality processing, including scaling, frame rate and colour-space conversion to provide output standards up to 2K resolution and 60Hz frame rate to suit virtually any application.

The converters, both housed in compact enclosures, are designed as workflow tools and include flexible control via a GUI or an IR remote. The H2S-30 includes single, Dual Link and 3G HDSDI outputs that are available for resolutions up to 2k 4:4:4. The S2H-30 supports up to eight channels of embedded audio on HDSDI and HDMI as well as two channels of AES outputs.

Doremi‚Äôs processing technology features 12-bit bicubic spatial interpolation to achieve seamless up/down scaling.