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Kramer adds USB touchpad and more to VIA collaboration solution

Kramer Electronics has announced three new additions to its VIA wireless collaboration range, including VIA PAD, an instant-present USB touch device.

Kramer Electronics has announced three new additions to its VIA wireless collaboration range. These are VIA PAD, an instant-present USB touch device; VIA Site Management, an IT software solution for VIA administrators; and collaboration software enhancements for VIA Collage and VIA Connect PRO, including 4K output.

“We are extremely excited to build on the market splash we’ve made in the past year with our VIA wireless collaboration solutions,” said Neta Lempert, VP digital business development at Kramer. “With this new release we believe VIA will continue to lead the way in the collaboration space.”

The VIA PAD touch device adds to the functionality of VIA Collage and VIA Connect PRO (Kramer’s wireless BYOD meeting solution for any size meeting space, and for mid-sized meeting rooms and huddle spaces respectively). Compatible with PC and Mac, VIA PAD lets users present on the main display with a touch of a finger. Users can also present content by pressing ‘Step-in’ inside the VIA app.

VIA Site Management (VSM) lets administrators view and manage multiple VIA rooms within the same network. Administrators can remotely monitor each device, configure and manage software updates, check each device’s status, perform resets, and more.
“VIA Site Management brings together the whole picture in a very user-friendly way and keeps everything running smoothly,” said Lempert.

Kramer’s VIA v1.7 software update enables VIA Collage users to present 4K-UHD content on compatible displays. The new release also adds true iOS mirroring to VIA Connect PRO, so iOS users can instantly present their screen on the main display with both VIA Collage and VIA Connect PRO.

VIA v1.7 also includes instant file sharing with any iOS or Android device and a Do Not Disturb mode, which lets a presenter stop another participant from stepping in to present.

The update also includes expanded multi-language support for both VIA Collage and VIA Connect PRO. In addition to English, German and Russian, VIA solutions now support Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Polish.